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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Aunt Mary - Aunt Mary (1970 norway, hard blues psych rock)

One of the early and many considered to be one of Norways definitely best prog bands.
Aunt Mary came from the small town of Fredrikstad in Ostfold.

Their first album was recorded and released in Denmark, as they lived there at the time.

Their music is a mix of  hard blues rocking tunes with psychedelic and some prog elements with the extended use of flute.

1. Whispering Farewell - 4:00
2. Did You Notice - 3:18
3. Theres A Lot Of Fish In The Sea - 3:51
4. I Do And I Did - 4:52
5. 47 Steps - 4:39
6. Rome Wasn't Built In One Day - 2:59
7. Come In - 3:29
8. Why Don't You Try Yourself - 2:28
9. The Ball - 3:33
10. All My Sympathy For Lily - 3:21
11. Yes, By Now I've Reached The End - 2:51

 Aunt Mary
*Bjoern Christiansen - Guitar, Vocal
*Per Ivar Fure - Flute, Harmonica, Saxophone, Mouth-Organ And Vocal
*Jan Leonard Groth - Keyboards, Guitar And Vocals
*Svein Gundersen - Bass, Piano And Vocal
*Kjetil Stensvik - Drums, Vocal