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Friday, February 11, 2011

Felt - Felt (1971 us, fantastic psychedelic rock with bluesy and jazzy spots, 2000 and 2010 remaster)

Felt was formed in Alabama in the late '60s around the talents of Myke Jackson (guitars), Mike Neel (drums), Tommy Gilstrap (bass), Stan Lee (guitars), and Allan Dalrymple (keyboards). The band's self-titled album, released on the small Nasco label in 1971, contains half-a-dozen original songs written for the most part by Jackson.

The mostly blues-styled songs on this album are full of great guitar work and contain fine Beatles-esque harmony vocals. While most of this album has a blues feeling to it, some of the songs hint of progressive rock with swirling keyboards, intense drumming, and blistering guitar solos. The album has recently been discovered for its musical excellence and has become a very rare collectors' item.

Guitarist Lee would later go on to become a member of punk band the Dickies in the late '70s. This welcome re-release by Akarma Records features a reproduction of the original foldout album graphics in the mini-LP-styled Akarmapack.
by Keith Pettipas

1. Look At the Sun (Myke Jackson) - 3:18
2. Now She's Gone (Myke Jackson, Mike Neel) - 5:29
3. Weepin' Mama Blues (Myke Jackson) - 4:40
4. World (Myke Jackson, Mike Neel) - 5:36
5. The Change (Myke Jackson) - 10:10
6. Destination (Myke Jackson) - 6:43

*Myke Jackson - Guitars
*Mike Neel - Drums
*Tommy Gilstrap - Bass
*Stan Lee - Guitars
*Allan Dalrymple - Keyboards

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