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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Various Artists - Psych Bites, Vol. 2 (1968-74 multinational, colorful fuzzy guitar, organ psychedelic explorations)

A melting pot of twisted mantras and wide-eyed rockers that are almost religiously defined by the volume of their fuzz boxes. This global garden of unearthly delights hosts a variety of rare species including the last ever mod boogaloo from 1970, presented by the honorary Spencer Mac and the pure psychosis of Deccas African warriors Ofo and the Black Company with their distorted take on strumming the guitar taking on new levels of hysteria for lovers of acid, fuzz and punk.

The Psychomaniac offers a complete course in horticultural hallucajenics for the headcase with Indian chants, psychos and neurotic reactions. Its all here in its most frenzied form of enlightenment for your spiritual consumption.

Artists - Tracks
1. Zappataa Schmidt - Someone in the Crowd - 3:30
2. Chartbusters - Tomorrow Night - 2:45
3. Spencer Mac - Blues Up in Down Town - 3:36
4. Messengers - In the Jungle - 3:09
5. Anvil Chorus - Rhythm Is the Way - 2:45
6. Frumpy - Morning - 3:24
7. The Revells - Indian Ropeman - 3:01
8. Blackbirds 2000 - Let's Do It Together - 2:49
9. Kannibal Komix - Neurotic Reaction - 2:40
10.Krokodil - Blue Flashing Circle - 3:28
11.Rote Gitarren - Anfang - 2:07
12.Chartrand - Ani-Kuni - 3:29
13.Athanor - Urizen (Your Reason) - 4:37
14.Rattles - Where Is the Friend - 2:23
15.Danta - Mau Mau - 3:32
16.Dave Dean - Jamaica - 1:59
17.Ofo The Black Company - Beautiful Daddy - 3:40
18.Ofo The Black Company - Allah Wakbarr - 3:31
19.Janie - Psycho - 2:11
20.Orange Peel - I Got No Time - 2:51

Psych Bites Vol. 1

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