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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Rock Shop - Mr Lee's Swingin Affair Presents (1968 us, amazing folk psych garage rock)

Hailing from California, they became one of the most popular bands in the area, playing regularly at Mr Lee's Swingin' Affair nightclub in West Covina to packed houses. The band's one and only album, featured 12 self-penned tracks of fuzz-led blues and psych.

Despite enjoying a minor level of success including supporting both the Shirelles and Big Joe Turner, the band called it a day in 1969, leaving this lone recording as their epitaph.

This extremely rare album has a strong mix of psychedelia, garage and folk sounds mid to late sixties, given the high musical standard and excellent recording quality, still stand up amazingly well today. 

1. Soap Suds And Cream - 5:44
2. Stop (Pat Edwards) - 1:57
3. Leaving Just Isn't Fair (John Dalbeck) - 2:29
4. Yes I Love You - 3:39
5. Bad Case of Booze (Pete's Theme) - 4:46
6. Goodbye Sunshine - 3:19
7. Why Not Three Or Four (John Dalbeck) - 2:35
8. Lay It On The Line - 2:46
9. Mediocre Blues (John Dalbeck) - 2:50
10.It's Hurting Me - 2:33
11.Look Looky Look (John Dalbeck) - 2:19
12.I Can't Go on - 3:38
All songs by Alan Clark except where stated

The Rock Shop
*Alan Clark - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass, Organ
*John Dalbeck - Guitar
*Pat Edwards - Bass
*Pete Stevens - Drums

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